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مواضيع بالانجليزية مختلفة "نقلة"


Many specialists regard stress as modern man’s main problem. It not only makes one feel bored and lazy but it also fills him or her with despair. Now, what are the causes ?
Fisrt, one essential cause is insufficient sleep. Research has proved that those who stay up late in front of computers or TV, for example, are easy prays.
That’s to say, these peolpe start suffering from lack of concentration. As a result, they find it hard to do their duties properly. Students, in particular, inevitably miss classes and fail to fulfill satisfactory school results. Another cause for stress is the race against time that some people find themselves inside of it. They do everything in a rush for fear that they would run out of time.
Stressed people are moody, bad-tempered and irritable. Consequently, they constantly have rows and quarrels which makes life with them unbearable. Another thing is that these people see life from a dark side. They are all the time complaining, criticizing and dis contented. Gradually, they will reach the top of despair and become pessimistic. As a consequence, many of them will think about putting an end to their lives !
Doctors advise people to get enough sleep, avoid stimulants and manage time well. This, of course will help in feeling more at ease and relaxed.


Street kids, runaways, or children living in poverty are sometimes intentionally disfigured to attract more money from passersby. These victims are often beaten or injured if they don't bring in enough money. They are also vulnerable to sexual abuse.Ranging in age from three to eighteen, about 40% are homeless. They are unable to attend school and are considered to live in
"especially difficult circumstances”. , these children are the defenseless victims of brutal violence, sexual exploitation, Street living children are children who may have lost their families through war or illness, or have been abandoned because they had It is not unusual to see children as young as four or five years old working in the street, selling chewing gum and matches. These children often resort to theft and prostitution for survival. Most of them are addicted to shoe glue, which cause brain damage They put it into bottles, and hide it under their tee shirts, guarding it with their lives. They sniff it constantly because it gets them high and masks their loneliness and gives them security. Soon they

are on to harder drugsWithout education they have little hope of getting a decent job or building a better life in the future.



Advanced technology has deeply transformed our life. It has shortened distances and improved the way we live. No doubt, life is much more comfortable than ever before. Nevertheless, modern life has drawbacks. Millions of people are on the dole because the factories where they work have closed down. More than this, economic crisis compels these firms to limit services and reduce their work opportunities. As a result, many people find themselves in the street. Another factor that contibutes to unemployment is that machines are taking man’s place. Employers strongly hold the view that automation speeds up production and stablises its pace. What’s more, machines never go on a strike and do not ask for a raise in salaries !..


Poverty has many causes. First, it is due to severe droughts. Irregular weathers have been so frequent for many years. As a consequence, farming faces hard times and farmers give up their jobs, abandon their land and move to cities.
Another reason is that wars : civil wars, ethnic wars etc break out here and there. As a result, millions of people leave their homeland in search of a safer place. Globalization has made the poor poorer and the rich richer. Hence, poverty has led millions of people throughout the world to immigrate to richer and safer places.


Morocco is very rich culturally. It has many dialects and traditions which differ from one region to another. The more we move towards the center , the north, the south , the west or the east things start to change. This difference is what makes our country attractive and a destination for millions of tourists every year. Morocco offers numerous delicious dishes and comfortable hotels available everywhere. Another advantage is the suitable weather that appeals to foreign visitors from the five continents. The Morocan people are tolerant, generous and ready to give a helping hand to the needy. They welcome their guests and try their best to make their stay as enjoyable as possible.

مواضيع بالانجليزية مختلفة "نقلة"
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